How Highstoke Media is Completely Changing the Game for PMU Artists

Edmund Morgan
4 min readAug 12, 2021


They are Ditching Outdated Marketing Methods for Strategies that Work

In 2017, Highstoke Media was doing it all. The digital marketing company was working with med spas, gyms, physiotherapists and more to boost their online presence and bring new clients in the door.

But the outdated marketing methods were no longer working as well as they used to, and Highstoke Media was stretched thin across multiple million-dollar industries. Founder and CEO Danny Tran realized they weren’t able to scale, and began searching for a way to take Highstoke to the next level.

The answer, it turns out, came from an unlikely source. And the resulting epiphany catapulted Highstoke Media to excellence.

An Untapped Industry

“I was talking to a friend of mine from high school who owns a permanent makeup business, and she mentioned she was spending so much time chasing leads that she didn’t have time for much else,” Tran said. “I started helping her with marketing and scaling — she now has three businesses, all of which are bringing in seven figures — and realized I’d just found a brand-new, untapped industry.”

After two years of trial and error, Highstoke Media went back to the drawing board and emerged with an innovative strategy to change the permanent makeup artist (PMU) industry forever…and the revolutionary marketing platform to make it happen.

“Our platform is designed to establish PMU artists as industry leaders,” said Tran. “But no one can be a leader if they spend all their time chasing down leads, especially if those leads aren’t quality ones. So we started thinking, ‘How can we solve that problem in a way that helps PMU artists scale?’”

The answer to that question was anything but cut-and-dry. Highstoke Media spent years speaking with PMU artists and marketing professionals and crafting possible strategies for helping PMU artists scale without spending hundreds of hours a month on lead generation. It soon became clear that innovation was desperately needed.

“We couldn’t just teach PMU artists how to scale their businesses,” Tran said. “That wasn’t going to solve the problem of what was keeping them from scaling. The fact of the matter is that PMU artists didn’t have enough time in their day to do it all. So we started brainstorming ways to take lead generation off their plate and bring clients right to their door instead.”

Building Scaling Solutions

Instead of teaching PMU artists how to scale, Highstoke Media took a different approach: they founded the Brow Clients On-Demand Plus Program to help the top 5 percent of PMU artists bring in booked appointments, not just leads.

“We didn’t want these top artists in their field to waste time on lead generation when they could just as easily book quality appointments quickly,” said Tran. “Getting booked appointments and paid deposits in order to be booked out for months positions PMU artists to become the leader in their city, and that’s what we wanted to help accomplish.”

Tran remembered all too well the struggles Highstoke Media faced when scaling and didn’t want to see PMU artists fall on similar difficulties. Helping artists stand out and retain clients was the best way to do that, he said.

“We built the first-ever brow expert concierge team, which is fully-trained to help artists book appointments and close deals while PMU artists focus on doing what they do best,” he said. “The greatest challenge is nurturing qualified people in order to help them find their dream clients and retain them. The sales and the closing piece is a big part of that process.

Growth and Opportunity

After two years of trying to scale her business on her own, Cathy Nguyen, owner of San Jose-based CC Cosmetics, said she turned to Highstoke Media after not seeing results from other marketing avenues.

“We dabbled in a lot of marketing, like Yelp ads and Google ads and Facebook ads, but those ads weren’t bringing in clients that were booking,” she said. “Highstoke Media was able to bring in over 40 leads every single month. In my business, each client spends between $500–1,000!”

Tran said Highstoke Media’s clients all over the world are seeing similar growth every day. PMU artists are booking full rosters of clients within weeks of starting the new Brow Clients On-Demand Plus Program, and seeing revenue doubling or tripling in the course of two months.

And, Tran said, he hopes the Brow Clients On-Demand Plus Program is just the beginning of what Highstoke Media can do for PMU artists.

“We’re very selective about who we choose for the program and we only collaborate with one artist per city,” he said. “Highstoke Media exists to elevate the best of the best and help them book clients without employing outdated marketing tactics. Without that holding us back, there’s no limit to what we can do for our clients.”

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